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We are often asked about the age at which tutoring should be undertaken. We believe it should start as early as possible when a student starts school, provided it is done by professional and qualified teachers.When a student starts tuition with us during junior years of high school or senior years of primary, we will have more oppotunities to help them and prepare them for their senior years at high school.For a subject like mathematics confidence can build up and improve once a student has learned it properly at an earlier age and misconceptions do not accumulate and grow during the year 11 and 12. Tutoring for year 7-10 are offered both in a small group seeting or individually.Each lesson starts with answering students' questions followed by explaining new concept which is reinforced by practice and homework.

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Cambridge Coaching offers professional tuition in mathamatics and physics.

We are located at South Hurstville,Sydney and attract our students from surrounding suburbs like Hurstville, Beverly Hills, Sylvania, Menai, Kingsgrove, Sutherland, Mortdale, Caringbah, Cronulla, Pensurst, Brighton Le Sands, Sans Souci, Miranda, Rockdale, Kogarah, Earlwood, Marrickville, as well as distant suburbs in North Shore and Blacktown.

If a student cannot attend our premises due to living away, we have arrangements for online tutoring.

Both group coaching and individual coaching are provided at Cambridge Coaching.

HSC TUITION: Preparing students for their HSC in Physics and Mathematics is one of our most important responsibilities. We take this responsibility very seriously. Our achievements in this regard has been outstanding.

GROUP TUITION: Each group has a maximum of 6 students so we can provide for the needs of each student. Each group will have students doing the same subject. But group tuition for siblings or friends doing different subjects can be arranged on request. All worksheets are provided at no extra cost. I, Reza Bokat,a qualified teacher with over 17 years experience, personally will conduct all classes for group tuition. Group tuition classes run regularly once a week for a a duration of one and hour hours. For current available spots in group tuition click here.

Cambridge Coaching is a leading tutoring organisation in the St George area.It was established in 2006 in Hurstville,Sydney and then relocated to South Hurstville,Sydney.

If you are looking for a Maths tutor or a Physics tutor, try us and We guarantee that this will be one of the best decisions you make about the future of your child.

If you are not sure whether group tutoring or individual tutoring is right for you, please refer to our blog where we have published an article comparing group tutoring and individual or private tutoring.

At Cambridge Coaching we offer primary tutoring, high school tutoring and university tutoring. So no matter at what level the student is, we will be able to support them to succeed in their studies.

If you are a university student and need a private bridging course in Physics and Mathematics, you will find our tutoring more personal and tailored to your requirements than what you will find in your own university.

There are many tutoring centres in Hurstville area. We suggest you read our article on tutoring in Sydney posted on our blog, before making your decision about choosing any tutoring centre.