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How often are tuition done in a term? They usually run once a week.
How long does each tuition session last for? For group tuition each session runs for one and half hours, however, for individual tuition minimum length is one hour but it can continue for as long as four hours.
When do I need to pay the fee? The fee is paid at the start of the term for the whole term or if you starting late for the remaining of the term.
Can I have a trial lesson before I enrol for the whole term? Yes we offer trial lessons, however they cost $10 more then the regular lessons.
Who does run the sessions and what is his qualifications? I, Reza Bokat, conduct all classes personally. I am a qualified teacher with more then 17 years of teaching experience.
Do you provide homework for students? Yes we provide practice worksheets, past papers from different schools or worksheets created by ourselves.
What can we expect from your tuition in terms of improvement? In almost all cases our tuition has resulted in students' improving their rank in class, coping more efficiently with the topics they find hard or boost their confidence. We measure the effect on each student by looking at their rank in class before they start with us and after they have received help from us.
What kind of students do you accept for tuition? We cater for the needs of all students. Some students find hard to understand their topic or subject at school. We help those students to follow the course and boost their confidence. Some other students are following their school work but want to receive some additional help to improve their rank. Third type of students are those who are very competitive but want to top their class or their year group or achieve the best possible result in their HSC.
When is the best time to start tuition? Generally as early as possible. If you jut started your high school it is a proper time to take up tuition. But, it should not be left for after year 11, as year 11 is the foundation for the year 12 and the HSC.
If a student misses a lesson will he/she receive a replacement lesson? Generally we can not provide a replacement lesson or refund for missed lesson, unless if you receive tuition on a casual basis which attracts higher fees than regular tuition.
what is done in a typical session? Each session starts with answering any questions students might have regarding our lessons or from their school work. Then we move on to provide our own lesson which will be in line with what students do at the time at school.
What is your method of teaching? Modern education believes in Constructionist approach which is a student centred education. We involve each student in the process by posing questions, asking them to explain what they already know about the topic and providing lots of practice during the session and as homework.
How did your students do in the recent HSC? In 2011 our students did very well. About 40% of them achieved ATARs above 90 with the three highest one being 96% in physics 100% in 2 unit maths and 94% in 3 unit mathematics with highest ATARs being 99.75, 99.7 and 99.