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Here are some feedback we have received from our students and parents.

Edward:  Best tutor I ever had. Assisted me through all of year 11 and 12 with maths and  
physics.His knowledge is amazing and is overqualified to just be a tutor. He probably should  
be working on a space station although he sees more benefit in helping out students achieve 
where they want to be. Not only is he a great teacher but he is one of the most polite 
people you will meet. I am now in 4th year Engineering at UTS and wouldn't be where I am 
if it wasn't for his core mathematic teachings.

Stefani Anastasieska: Thank you Mr Bokat for guiding me to achieve 96% result on the 
Mathematics HCS  Advanced  in  my  acceleration year 11. I  look  forward working  with you 
in the next 12  months  and  achieve  even better results in  Mathematics Ext 1 and Physics
 with your help. What can I say, there is only one tutor for me and it is Mr. Reza Bokat. 
Thank you again Mr Bokat. 

Dear  Mr  Bokat, It is with deep felt gratitude  that I  pen  this  note  to you today.  With 
your help  Khalid has achieved the marks that he needed to follow his chosen career. I understood 
just  how difficult  Khalid was finding Physics and to watch him week by week gaining a grasp 
on  the concepts  and  being  able  to  engagein  a  discussion  on  topics  at  hand  built  my 
 confidence that he would get there. His exam mark was better than I could  have  ever hoped 
for, and that is very  much  due to your  input, your patience, and your being understanding of 
Khalid’s  struggles. So it is  with great respect   that I extend to you today the  thanks of both
myself  and my  husband  Feroz  for  your  input to  Khalid’s  achievement.  Thank you,  Joan 

Hi Reza its David your x-student from last year just telling you my HSC results: i got an ATAR
of 96.35 plus 5  bonus  points  for some of my subjects in physics I scored 92 in mathematics
 I scored 96 in  extension  maths  I scored  90 thank  you so much for your help I got into my 
course at Sydney uni I could not have done it without your help.

Shahzeen Siddiqui:  Mr Reza  Bokat  is a  great  tutor and   with  his  tutoring  I  was able to 
greatly improve mymarks for both extension 1 and 2 maths. This  helped  me to  achieve my 
target  ATAR  of  92.85  and  get  into  my  first  preference  at  Sydney  University!  I  would 
recommend this tutor to any students seeking to improve their marks in maths.

Terry Poulos:  Very  easy  to  understand  and a very nice person. I have  improved  100% in  
my  maths & extension maths with his help. He is still tutoring me.

Alice Ibrahim:  * A  great  physics  tutor!   * Very well  organised  and  fun  learning. * Great 
communication skills.